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The MacKay Chair

Top-tier advisors with a shared passion for populating the world with inspiring leaders

We are the top tier brand. We are the only peer group organization that has a Chair certification program and a 90-day launch plan to get you up and running quickly.

We offer a proven system, that is time efficient so that you can add peer groups as a key component of your existing advisory practice. Our Members often hire our Chairs for coaching or consulting services in addition to the Forum experience. Forum Chairs retain 100% of the revenue from this additional business.

In addition to being part of a network of hundreds of CEOs, Executives and Business Owners, Certified Forum Chairs are part of an exclusive community of advisors across the country. Being part of this exclusive community provides access, networking and learning found nowhere else.

What's involved?

The opportunity

Complement your existing coaching and/or consulting practice and expand your business network with award-winning CEOs and Canada’s leading brands.

In addition to your already successful advisory practice, by becoming a Forum Chair you will enjoy a high-profile, rewarding leadership role and a very lucrative business opportunity.

Each CEO peer group is comprised of up to 14 best fit, results-oriented CEOs and involves 6 meeting days and a 2-day retreat per year. We also offer peer groups for executives, business owners, and family business CEOs/owners.

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The MacKay CEO Forums Experience

Highest-impact, least time-intensive

Our proven, time-efficient approach to peer learning allows you to focus on making an impact and helping business leaders accelerate their performance.

  • Meetings per year
  • 2-day retreat per year

Training and Forum Chair Certification program to ensure success

Receive ongoing mentoring, training and support to further develop your business development, leadership and facilitation skills.

  • Chair Certification program
  • 90-day launch plan

High-impact proprietary tools and resources

We provide a proven approach to peer groups with our established retreat and meeting formats, comprehensive reference manual, marketing materials, automated billing, and a robust guest speaker database.

  • Established Retreat & Meeting Formats

  • Comprehensive Reference Manual

  • Automated Billing

  • Guest Speaker Database

Powerful connections to grow your business network

Expand your network and build game changing relationships with our Forum Chairs and our membership of diverse, highly successful business leaders across Canada.

  • Members Across Canada
  • Diverse Industry Sectors

A future of shared business success.

Join our fast-growing, vibrant community of high-achieving CEOs and trusted advisors as we continue to populate the world with better leaders

  • Grow your business
  • Expand our community

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