MacKay & Associates Advisors Inc., doing business as MacKay CEO Forums (“MacKay”) offers CEO and Executive peer-to-peer learning groups. This privacy policy addresses our compliance with the Personal Information Protection Act (British Columbia) (the “Act”). “Personal Information” means all information about an identifiable individual. MacKay recognizes the importance of privacy and recognizes the sensitivity of information received by us in the course of our services.

Coaching Sessions

In order to be able to provide services to our members, information of both a confidential commercial nature, and of a personal nature about our members or other individuals can be disclosed in our coaching sessions or in our CEO or Executive peer-to-peer groups. When this information is voluntarily provided in session by a client it is understood, unless specifically indicated to the contrary, that we have consent to collect, use and disclose this commercial information and personal information provided to us for the purposes of the providing coaching services to that member, but for no other purpose.

Other participants in MacKay forums such as our CEO and Executive peer-to-peer groups, as a condition of participating in that group, are required to sign a membership agreement with MacKay. That membership agreement specifies that the member must keep confidential any confidential commercial information, or personal information, disclosed and received in such peer-to-peer forums, and may not use or disclose it in any manner outside that forum.