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We hope this site has given you a good overview of what the Forum Chair role is all about, but I’m sure you still have many questions. Here are some of the questions we get asked most often.


  • Is this a full-time position?

    No. Forum Chairs typically run their own consulting/coaching practice and take this on as an additional recurring revenue stream and business building opportunity.

  • Is this the right fit for me if I’ve just re-located to a new city and want to expand my network as a Chair?

    No, our forum Chairs have a deep local network from their established advisory practice for a minimum of 5 years. If you have just relocated, this could be something to pursue once you’ve established your local network in your new market.

  • How much time will I need to invest?

    Expect to invest roughly 8-10 days in the initial 90-day start-up period and 10 days a year per group thereafter, planning and chairing each CEO Forum group.

  • How often does each forum meet?

    Each CEO Forum meets seven times a year (six 1-day meetings, plus a two-day annual retreat).

  • How many groups can I lead?

    Each Forum Chair can run up to 4 groups. We have CEO groups, Executive Groups, Small Business Groups and Family business groups involving companies from under 5Million–5Billion+ in revenue.

  • What training and support is provided?

    MacKay CEO Forums provides direct training and coaching as well as peer learning and mentoring. We provide a proven system that will allow you to launch your first group within 90 days. Our processes, tools and resources are well documented and easy to access and use. We provide a complete system that allows you to achieve the designation as a MacKay Certified Forum Chair (CFC) within one year.

  • Are there existing CEO groups that need a Chair?

    No. Each Forum Chair builds their groups from their own network of connections and through our community of Forum Chairs and members across Canada.

  • How am I compensated?

    Forum Chairs are compensated based on the number of members in their group(s). Full details will be discussed with potentially compatible candidates once we have the opportunity to connect directly. Compensation is typically between 40-55K per year per group, depending on the type of groups chaired. Chairs keep 100% of any additional consulting or coaching work they do with our members.

  • How do I get started?

    Give us a call at (250) 300-4290 or email

  • How long is the interview/new Chair evaluation process?

    We have a 10 step process all of our new Chairs go through on the journey of reaching a partnering decision. This typically can take between 3-6 weeks (depending on availability of the candidate).

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