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Since 2005, MacKay CEO Forums has been helping CEOs, executives, and business owners solve their toughest problems and maximize their best opportunites. through peer learning. We help our members get more done in far less time, through participation in our diverse and inclusive peer groups.

With a community of over 1200 members and over 60 Forum Chairs around the world, our Certified Forum Chairs are the go-to trusted advisors to the business community locally and internationally.

  • Award-Winning Members
  • Exclusive Resources
  • High-Impact Events
  • Professionally Led Peer Groups

The Forum Chair Role

Trusted Advisors, Passionate Leaders

Our Forum Chairs share our passion for populating the world with inspiring leaders.

Accelerate your existing coaching and/or consulting practice and expand your business network with award-winning CEOs and leading brands. In addition to your already successful advisory practice, by partnering with MacKay CEO Forums and becoming a Forum Chair you will enjoy a high profile leadership role, and a very lucrative business opportunity.

  • High-profile, Rewarding Leadership Role
  • Very Lucrative Business Opportunity

Are you interested in building a Predictable Revenue Business?

Our step-by-step process helps you build successful peer groups to multiply your impact while generating more predictable revenue for your business.

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The Forum Chair Experience

Highest impact, least time-intensive

  • Meetings Per Year
  • 2-day Retreat Per Year

Training and Forum Chair Certification program to ensure success

  • Chair Certification Program
  • 90-day Peer Group Launch Plan

Powerful connections to grow your business network

  • Members
  • Diverse Industry Sectors

A future of shared business success

  • Grow Your Business
  • Expand Our Community

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